Here Are Some Wonderful Attractions That Ann Arbor Michigan Has To Offer

Nicknamed Tree Town and A Squared, Ann Arbor MI is quite the city. Part of Washtenaw County, the city does have metropolitan status and is ranked #6 in terms of the largest cities in The Wolverine State. The University of Michigan itself is in Ann Arbor, and there are many great attractions in the city. Check out these things to do as you are traveling around Ann Arbor MI.

Hill Auditorium is the #1 attraction in A Squared, and its location is 825 North University Avenue. It’s a wonderful music venue with great acoustics and a nice ambiance. There are various concerts and special events held at this venerable venue, and people say that the auditorium is very well-kept. It is quite historic actually, and it has been renovated in recent years, too. Check out the wonderful interior of this beautiful facility, and relax and enjoy a show while on vacation. Read More